Hi, I’m Dan Simon & at the end of 2010 I had a transformational experience that caused me to rethink my entire life and gave me a new confidence beyond anything I had experienced before. I learned the importance of owning my greatness and decided to go about enjoying  my life.

In the past I had been successful in a variety of ventures. I worked for large corporations as well as being a small business owner wearing every hat imaginable. In 2010, I realized those hats did not fit very well. I finally looked myself in the mirror and realized I needed to change.
I’m a father, a son, a travel junkie, a dog lover, a pilot, a golfer and a lot of other things. And at that point I began a total makeover of my life, both inside and out. Since 2010, I’ve visited 32 countries, circumnavigated the globe twice, sold a business, sold an airplane, placed all my belongings in storage and became a nomad. It has been quite a adventure and I’ll talk in more detail about it on my blog.

At the same time, I began helping other people to learn what I discovered about myself. I realized that most people sell themselves way short. They think they are neither unique or special. Just another 1 of the 7 billion people on the planet slogging through life. And if you think you are nothing special, why would you ever accomplish anything special in your life? Right. You wouldn’t. I think a lot of people are ready to learn how to change that thinking and start to own their greatness.

My gift is to be able to recognize other people’s gifts and to remind them of what they know instinctively , but may have forgotten. Please be sure to watch the short introduction video for the “Own Your Greatness” webinar. If that’s of interest, then sign up to attend one of the webinars. From there you can explore the programs we have dedicated to giving you the gift of clarity so you can begin owning your greatness. Thank you for being here.