Individual Coaching

My ability & my mission is to be able to recognize your greatness. To see in you  what you fail to see in yourself or just forgot. This is done in a series of one on one sessions designed to draw a picture of your greatness. I will teach you how to apply and integrate these new understandings into your life.

The program is designed to:

  • Identify your unique greatness
  • Help you to fully accept your authentic self
  • Establish new dreams and a new vision for your life
  • Examine your core beliefs that inform your life
  • Create a plan for manifesting your dreams through the energy of your greatness
  • Teach you the manifestation skills necessary. Originating
    from the heart, not the head.

In a series of 3-6 sessions we will:

Take an honest assessment at where you are today in terms of

  • your core beliefs
  • your key relationships
  • your career
  • your lifestyle

Develop your personal “Dreams of Greatness”

  • what will your life look like?
  • what does that energy of creating these new dreams feel like?

Develop an action plan to begin manifesting your “Dreams of Greatness”