Why do you need a Coach?

We all could use an outside, objective expert that can give you a bird’s eye view of your life. For example, I’ve been playing golf my entire life. I know a lot about the golf swing. But when I am swinging the club, I cannot see what I am actually doing. In fact many times, what a pro tells me what he sees, my first reaction is disbelief. It is so difficult to see what you are actually doing without an outside perspective.

When you have a coach, you are no longer responsible for figuring it all out by yourself. So we can move out of our analytical minds, our left brain, and begin using our intuition.

Your coach always has your back. Someone to catch you if you fall. Your coach is your constant source of support. This is vital if you wish to move forward more quickly and with fewer tangents and missteps.

In summary you have:

  • An outside expert perspective
  • Someone to take the pressure off of figuring it all out by yourself
  • You have ongoing emotional support on your journey
  • You have an accountability manager, why count on holding yourself accountable?
  • You have regular feedback on your progress.